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Criminal Code of Canada – Cruelty to Animals Bill

In 1999, the government launched a consultation process to gather input on what changes were needed to the animal cruelty provisions, which were originally enacted in 1892.

The full Criminal Code can be found here.

The following is a summary of how the Bill has changed in the past. Click the Bill for more details.

Bill C-229 Liberal MP Mark Holland reintroduced C-373 on Dec 1, 2008.

Bill C-558 Private member’s bill introduced by MP Penny Priddy on Jun 4, 2008. Identical to C-373.

Bill S-203 Reintroduced by Senator John Bryden Oct 2007 (formerly S-213). This bill passed on Apr 8, 2008. It amends the Criminal Code to significantly increase penalties and to enhance sentencing options available to the courts.

Bill C-373 Private member’s bill introduced by Liberal MP Mark Holland on Oct 30, 2006. The bill was virtually identical to Bill C-50, only change was the addition of a non-derogation clause to reassure Aboriginals.

Bill C-10B Passed third reading after Senate approved amendments. After the House of Commons refused a few of the amendments it returned for debate in the Senate on Oct 2, 2003. Ongoing debates carried on in the Senate chamber until Nov 6 when Senators voted to send the bill back to Committee.

Bill C-10 Introduction on Oct 9, 2002 (formerly C-15B). It passed, first, second and third reading in the House of Commons, and was sent to the Senate. The Bill passed first and second reading in the Senate, it was then sent to the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee for further study. The Senate also ordered the Committee members to split the bill (Firearms Act became Bill C-10A, animal cruelty became Bill C-10B).

Bill C-15B Began hearings before the Senate Committee on Oct 16, 2001. On Dec 4 the animal cruelty provisions passed unscathed through the clause by clause analysis of the Standing Committee. The government proposed three amendments which included an increase in penalties and adding the words ‘willfully or recklessly’. Bill C-15B died when Parliament prorogued later that month.


Health of Animals Act

This Act provides for purposes of animal health relating to diseases and toxic substances that affect animals or be transmitted to humans.  A full copy of the act can be found here


Meat Inspection Act

This Act provides for respecting the import and export of and interprovincial trade in meat products, the registration of establishments, the inspection of animals and meat products in registered establishments and the standards for those establishments and for animals slaughtered and meat products prepared in those establishments.  A full copy of the act can be found here

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