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Farmers and people that work with animals everyday understand that there is a great deal of patience and understanding that goes with the territory. Animals do not always think the same way that people do and this can lead to stressful situations.  Simple concepts like ‘slow is fast’ and understanding the basics of how animals move and how they react can save a lot of time and stress.

Getting off on the right foot

Get off on the right foot. Picking the right ramp.

Cattle handling

Work smarter, not harder. Handling cattle.


A version of the Handling Cattle – Work smarter, not harder is available in French here.

Handling Video

The following video have been developed by Manitoba Pork for smart pig handling.

Other Handling Resources

Dr. Temple Grandin

Dr. Temple Grandin is recognized around the world for her work with farm animals and designing processing plant facilities. Dr. Grandin is a Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University.

Curved chute and race systems she has designed for cattle are used worldwide and her writings on the flight zone and other principles of grazing animal behavior have helped many people to reduce stress on their animals during handling.

She has also developed an objective scoring system for assessing handling of cattle and pigs at meat plants. This scoring system is being used by many large corporations to improve animal welfare. Other areas of research are: cattle temperament, environmental enrichment for pigs, reducing dark cutters and bruises, bull fertility, training procedures, and effective stunning methods for cattle and pigs at meat plants.

For more information on Dr. Grandins work visit the following links on here website:

Animal Welfare Farm Animal Behaviour Welfare Auditing in Plants Research Articles

Hand ‘n Hand Livestock Solutions

“Good stockmanship is more than just having “tame” animals you can pet or trick into the corral with grain, it means having the tools to easily and quietly manage your livestock through the entire production process including gathering, weaning, rotating pastures, sorting, backgrounding, feedlot management, etc. with the results of lowered stress for you and the livestock.”

Richard McConnell and Tina Williams are a well experienced team in animal handling. They present stockmanship schools across Canada and the United States. Keep up to date with current handling related issues on their blog Hand ‘n Hand blog.

J. Woods Livestock Services

Jennifer Woods is a livestock handling specialist based in Alberta. As part of  her business she offers services in animal care for production livestock including: animal welfare auditing and assessing, handling and behavior, facility design and program development.

Jennifer’s practical approach to handling livestock is taught in her livestock courses, with concepts like ‘Top 10 Tips for Livestock Handling‘.

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