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Four things to know on the big Nestlé move

Unilever ramps-up animal care standards

Movers and shakers

Swine welfare research gets boost

Q&A: Window on welfare

Cameron Bruett also touched specifically on the animal care challenge in an interview with NewStream

Piercing the veil on sustainability

It’s a powerful word shaping the future. But what does it really mean for Canadian livestock production?

Canada, U.S. align on antibiotic issue

Canada to Phase out Antibiotic Growth Promoters Use in Livestock

Genetically modified technology to create ‘alien’ chicks

Dr Urwin said determining the sex of the chick very early on in its development had benefits for animal welfare and the bottom line of the egg industry.

What’s coming in the new year

The calendar has turned and with it comes the opportunity for new thinking and progress

Year of ideas

It was a year of “transformative” change. And the fuel was ideas – from producers, their industries and the broad spectrum of the farm animal care community.

Slaughter system more humane

ENSCHEDE, Netherlands — Public pressure has forced the European meat industry to change.

New Code of Practice for the care and handling of sheep released

(Ottawa) 18 December 2013 – The Canadian Sheep Federation (CSF) and the National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) are pleased to announce the release of the new Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Sheep. The Code is available electronically at

Balancing animal welfare, social expectations and economics

CANADA – The general manager of the National Farm Animal Care Council says the challenge in updating Canada’s Pig Code of Practice has been striking a balance that reflects the country’s scientific understanding of animal welfare, societal expectations and the financial ability of farmers to make changes, according to Bruce Cochrane.

Welfare of laying hens in conventional cages and alternative systems: First steps towards a quantitative comparison

Reviewing published studies comparing the welfare of hens kept in conventional cages with alternative systems, researchers in Australia found that birds in cages had higher egg production. Bones were stronger in those birds in alternative systems, which also allowed more comfort behaviour, such as dust-bathing. No differences in aggressive pecking, feather pecking, mortality or body wounds were found between the systems.

NFACC next setps in animal care nov 2013

Ottawa, Ontario, Nov. 6, 2013: As Canada forges ahead with advances in managing farm animal care, leaders across stakeholder groups stressed the need to continue a national-level collaborative approach that has set a new course of improved transparency and science-informed, consensus-based progress.

New welfare pig for Danish market

DENMARK – Animal welfare groups, pig producers and slaughterhouses in Denmark are joining forces to create a new ‘welfare pig’.

Bridging the gap from farmer to consumer critical to progress in farm animal care

Ottawa, Ontario, Oct. 30, 2013: Open dialogue, science-driven innovation and tangible backing from the value chain are crucial for Canadian agriculture to tackle today’s challenges around farm animal care, say speakers at the 2013 National Farm Animal Care Conference in Ottawa.

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